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Sorry, We Are Closed for Intake


At this time we are CLOSED for intake. 


What does this mean?

We will not be taking in any new surrenders unless it is an animal that was originally adopted from us.

Can I still adopt?

Yes!  As long as we have animals in the program, then we need homes for them!  If interested in adopting, please view our available pets.

When will you be open for intake again?

This hiatus will go on until further notice, with no currently scheduled re-opening date.  Once a re-open date has been decided, it will be announced on our website and on our social media page.

Why are you no longer accepting animals?

White Oaks Wishful Whiskers is a 100% volunteer run organization.  Everyone involved in this program does so as a labor of love in effort to give back to the community and the animals.  There is no paycheck for the non-stop, love filled labor that fuels this program, and that's ok!  But it does mean that the amount of work we can do is limited and completely dependent on the help received by others.

Currently, the vital roles of Adoption Counselor, Animal Intake Coordinator, Foster Coordinator, Accountant, Social Media Manager, and Transport Coordinator are all being fulfilled by a singular person.  The hours of work designated to this program per week averages between 10-30 hours depending on the current workload.  This work is woven into the day-to-day, between family, friends, and the "real" job.  Although the work is rewarding, it is exhausting, and taking time to recharge is essential for the wellbeing of both our admin and the animals.

Will there be any changes made to WOWW?

While taking the time to recharge, we will also be implementing some improvements to WOWW that were hard to juggle while also rescuing baby animals!  This includes a restructure to existing programs, creating new programs as needed, and onboarding new volunteers and creating training courses for them.  These changes are necessary for WOWW to keep running smoothly and with minimal stress to volunteers.

You're looking for volunteers?  How can I help?

In order to keep this program running more consistently, we need more help.  You can view our Get Involved page to see where we need more assistance and how to help.  If interested in helping with any administrative work, please email us at 

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support,


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