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Adopt a Pet

What services are done prior to adoption?

All cats/dogs come spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, flea treated, and are up-to-date on their core vaccinations.

Where can I see what animals you have for adoption?

  • All of our pets are available to be seen online by clicking here

  • Some cats and kittens are available to be seen at Pet Supplies Plus in Dixon, IL during normal business hours. 

  • Animals in foster homes are available through appointment only.  An application must be submitted and approved prior to scheduling an appointment.  

I'm super interested in adopting, but what is the animal I want gets adopted before my application is processed?

We're sorry!  We try to process applications quickly to avoid this, but in the event the pet you applied for has been adopted by someone else, we will add you to our list of pre-approved adopters and match you to another furry companion.

What if things don't work out between with my new pet?

We are always here for our animals that we have adopted out.  We would like to hear about issues as they occur, so we can help problem solve them and connect you with resources.  If it absolutely does not work out, we will ALWAYS take our animals back.

I heard some places have a Foster-to-Adopt program.  Do you have anything like that?

Yes, certain animals and households are eligible for our Foster-to-Adopt program.  This program is still under development.  If you are interested in our Foster-to-Adopt program, please contact us.

Adoption Application Process 

  1. Fill out our Online Adoption Application Form. We do not take in-person, paper applications.

  2. Allow 3 business days for your application to be processed.  This may take longer if we are short on volunteers or have hiccups with your application.

  3. Once approved, a White Oaks representative will schedule a Meet and Greet with your desired pet.  If you adore them, you may be able to take them home same day.  Congratulations!


Cat Adoption Application

Dog Adoption Application

Small Animal Adoption Application

Adoption Fees

Cats and Kittens - $100

Senior Cats (10+ Years) - $50 

Puppies (Under 9 Months) - $300

Adult Dogs - $200

No Hold Policy

We do not hold animals. Once you have been contacted regarding your application's approval, you have 24 hours to schedule your Meet and Greet/pickup date.  If your Meet and Greet/Adoption Date is not scheduled within the 24 hour allotted time frame or if you fall out of contact with your Adoption Counselor, your application may be withdrawn. 


Your Meet & Greet/adoption date must take place within one week of your initial application approval call.

24 Hour Notice Policy

Regardless on if your Meet&Greet/Pickup is scheduled at a foster home or Pet Supplies Plus, you must give 24 hour notice prior to rescheduling or cancellation.  If ample notice is not given, your application may be withdrawn, you may no longer be considered for adoption, and the animal you applied for may immediately become eligible for adoption to the next approved applicant.

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