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Foster for Us

Is Fostering for You?

Do you love playing with baby animals?  What about watching them grow and kissing their cute little faces?  Do you have room in your home (& your heart!) to care for them?  Or maybe you don't want to foster babies, but would like a mellow, matured adult cat to keep you company?

Then fostering might be for you!  Fostering is a short-term commitment with a long term pay-off.  One of our biggest obstacles is intake space, and with more foster homes under our belt, the more impact we can have in our community.  

I'd love to foster, but I've never done it before.  What should I know?

We welcome all of those new to fostering. If you're inexperienced, we will happily coach you on what we know to help make the transition into your home as seamless as possible. 

How long will I have to foster?

It all depends on the age of the animal you are fostering.  Most foster commitments are a minimum of a month.  We will do our best to match you to something that fits your schedule, skillset, and time commitment.

Are there any special requirements?

We carefully vet each one of our foster homes the same way we do our adopters.  We require all our foster homes have their personal animals up-to-date on their vaccinations and be in housing that allows pets.  Our fosters must be able to send updated photos of our kittens to us as we request them.  Providing transportation for your foster to see the vet for appointments as needed is appreciated, but not a requirement.

What all am I responsible for as a foster?

As a foster, you're responsible providing for your animal's basic needs like food, water, cat litter, and enrichment.  White Oaks Wishful Whiskers will help with food/litter when the extra resources are available, but that is not always possible. We also require our fosters be able to transport their animal to scheduled veterinarian appointments or our dedicated emergency clinic.

For a more in-depth answer, view our Foster Home Guidelines, Policies, and Release of Liability form.


Foster Forms

Cat Foster Application

Dog Foster Application

Small Animal Foster Application (Coming Soon!)

If you are experiencing an issue with completing our online form, please email us.

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