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In September of 2019, White Oaks Veterinary Service started their kitten program in Dixon, IL.  The goal of the program was to target the local cat overpopulation issue by spay/neutering kittens and adopting them out, while offering low cost spay options to the owners of the mother cats that had kittens entered into the program.​  Over the course of the next year, their online presence and reputation grew.  By the end of 2020, the Pay-It-Forward program White Oaks Adoptable Kittens celebrated 175 successful adoptions.​

However, 2021 would mark a new chapter for the kitten program.  At the end of 2020, the veterinarian at White Oaks Veterinary Service entered retirement while dedicated volunteers kept the spirit and mission of the program alive.  Over the course of the  2021, the White Oaks program truly found its footing and its mission; not to just adopt kittens, but to assist cats of all ages and branch into caring for more species with an increased focus on education and connection in their community.  


As these changes were implemented, it signified a need for a new name, and thus White Oaks Wishful Whiskers was born in 2022.  

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