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  • Everywhere says they're full! Where else can I surrender my pet?
    At this time, we are on hiatus from taking in any new animals. In the meantime, please explore the Shelter/Rescue List below for other organizations to surrender your pet to. Remember that even if an organization is full, animals get adopted every day, so there may be room for you later. Ask to be placed on a waitlist and check back for availability. Shelter/Rescue List ** Please note that this is just a list of nearby resources and no shelter or organization is endorsed by us.
  • I want to rehome my pet myself, but I don't know where to start.
    We're sorry to hear you have to rehome your pet, but it's great that you want to be hands on in rehoming your animal. There are plenty of places to post your pet to find a new owner. Here are a few places to try: GetYourPet Home-to-Home Local Facebook Groups (Pay Attention to group rules!) Illinois Twilight Bark (Facebook Group) Remember that wherever you post, most new owners will want to know the following information about your pet: Age Breed (if applicable) Is the animal current on vaccinations? Has the animal been spayed/neutered? Is the animal good with: Small Dogs, Large Dogs, Cats, and Children? Any potential medical or behavioral concerns
  • There are a lot of stray cats in my area. Who can I contact to help?
    Consider contacting your local animal control facility. They may have a TNR program in place or can direct you to local rescues that have programs in place. Fixin' Feral Felines (DeKalb, IL) Sauk Valley Friends of Ferals (Rock Falls, IL) NIPCO (Freeport, IL)
  • Animal Cruelty
    Please report to your local animal control facility. Lee County Animal Control Whiteside County Animal Control
  • Lost Cost Spay/Vetting Options
    Spay Illinois Just Animals Lee County Animal Control (Voucher Program) Whiteside County Animal Control (Voucher Program)
  • Lost/Found Pets
    PetFBI Lost Pets Stephenson County
  • Foster Resources
    The Kitten Lady Maddie's Fund
  • In-Home Euthanasia
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