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Skip-the-Shelter Program

Our Skip-the-Shelter Program is designed to unite new owners with their animals by eliminating the rescue/shelter as the middle-man.  If you have an animal you are wishing to have advertised on this page, please fill out our Skip the Shelter Submission Form.  

Animals enrolled in our Skip-the-Shelter Program will: 

  1. Be posted on the White Oaks Wishful Whiskers facebook page

  2. Cross-posted in Illinois Twilight Bark

  3. Promoted on our website

Skip the Shelter Program Form


  1. Location is required on all courtesy posts.  Must include city and state.  Must be in Illinois or bordering areas. 

  2. No rehoming fees permitted. 

  3. No animals under 8 weeks of age may be posted.

  4. One courtesy post per pet except for a litter.

  5. No posting on behalf of others.  The owner of the animal must be the one to submit the courtesy post/be the main point of contact for new potential owners.  

1 Female Cat & 3 Kittens

Location: Dixon, IL

Age: Sept. 6. For the kittens. Mama is not yet a year

Vetting: Mother cat is spayed and current on vaccines

Good With: Children, unsure about other animals. Very friendly kittens.

If interested, please contact Sandy H. @ 8154408799 (Please Text)

Listing expiration: 12/02/2023

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