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Volunteer Application

We are largely foster based, so we do not have a physical location for volunteers to come to play, clean, and care for our kitties, but there are many other ways people can still help.  


It's a commitment, but a short-term and very rewarding one.  You can read more about fostering and fill out the application by clicking here.


Our​ primary veterinarian clinic is in Clinton, IA.  We would absolutely love a team of volunteer transporters to help get kittens from our foster homes in the Sauk Valley area to their appointments.  Scheduling is very flexible.

Application Screeners

Prefer remote work?  Our application screeners get applications sent right to their inbox.  We will provide training on what questions to ask personal references and veterinarian clinics.  All applications are a collaborative effort, meaning volunteers work on them when they can and no application is assigned to one person.

Social Media

Are you any good at graphic design?  Do you understand marketing?  Can you create engaging content?  What about photography?  We are interested in having your skills!  We would love to have a creative on our team to help  make eye-catching, interactive posts.

Fundraising and Event Volunteers

Have any experience with planning fundraising events? Or maybe you just enjoy interacting face-to-face with the community? We could use you! 


Have a Bright Idea?

See a way you can help that's not listed here? 

Have a special skillset you'd like to share with us? 

Or maybe you have an event idea?

We are all ears and would love to talk.  

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