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White Oaks Alumni

Have you adopted an animal from us? Maybe you are curious your kitten's siblings are doing? Do you want to post about your new pet all the time all the time, but not annoy all your friends and family? 

Then consider joining our White Oaks Alumni facebook group!  

Let's face it -- Not everyone is an animal person... but we are!  We absolutely love updates on all the animals we've helped find homes for since our program started.  It fills our heart with joy to see them being loved by their new families and growing up.  Changing lives, animals and humans alike, for the better and those happy moments are why we do what we do.  

This group is open to those who have adopted from us previously and to those who support our mission.  Whether you're someone who wants to see what we're about, watch kittens grow up, or are one of our our much needed fosters who would like updates on the kittens you helped raise, our group is open to all!  

We look forward to seeing updates from you!

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